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An exclusive interiors collection, styled in the UK

Irina Rumyantseva

Simultaneously on-trend and timeless, the work of Russian artist Irina Rumyantseva will add a classic, yet current look to any home.   


Born and raised in St Petersburg, Irena gained a masters equivalent in Art and Design in her home city, before moving to England and continuing her artistic endeavours in the northern city of Bolton. 


Her works for A Shade Wilder update the traditional still-life floral with a modern vibe, with the vibrancy of the energetic brush stroke contrasted with the clean, white spaces in the composition, creating a crisp, contemporary feel.


Imagination is at the heart of Irena’s work, and she is influenced by everything she sees, hears and feels in nature and in every day life. Her creative process almost always involves gazing at a blank canvas long before she picks up a paintbrush, waiting for a unique image to form itself in her mind.  Then, through the use of heavy body acrylics she imbues her work with a texture and depth that is almost 3-D in feel, allowing the viewer to lose themselves in the beautiful images she creates.


We have selected bold blue to work within our new denim collection but those who want to add a burst of citrus to their living space will love her work in tangerine too. Both these colour themes are predicted to feature heavily in interior and fashion collections over the coming seasons, meaning these pieces are not only beautiful, but also ensure your home is in keeping with the zeitgeist too.