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Plan ahead your living room transformation

Living rooms are usually at the heart of the home, the place where everyone gathers to relax and socialise. A space that plays such an important role in the home needs to be simply right. If you are planning a makeover for yours, it means there are exciting times ahead but some potential headaches too… Read more


Wallpaper Ideas to maximise your spaces

In this post, we look at different wallpaper ideas that will update your spaces in a very practical way whilst injecting a shot of personality to them. Divide and conquer A wall of paper is a simple trick to visually separate different areas within one room. For example, many of us have a joint living Read more

Giraffe wall art

Hang Wall Art against Wallpaper like a Pro

Displaying a statement piece of wall art against wallpaper is sure to make an impact. But how to pull off the look at its best to enhance your space, and avoid that feared clashing look? Here at A Shade Wilder we love a good interior design statement, so we have put together some top tips Read more


How to inject a shot of personality to your hallway?

Hallway is very often a forgotten area, but it actually is a great space to make a statement with a vibrant décor. It isn’t usually the most functional room in the house, but that probably gives us the opportunity to go a little wilder… Here are some ideas to jazz your hallways up, let your Read more


Make of your home your own relaxing sanctuary

Making  your living spaces the perfect place to relax is becoming increasingly important now that our lifestyle seem to be getting busier, than ever before. Following some simple tips, you will be able to create your personal harmonious sanctuary to chill out. Use flowers and plants where possible – These are incredibly relaxing both visually Read more


Decorating with the safari theme

Take a walk on the wild side embracing the on-trend safari look for your interiors The ethnic look has strongly re-emerged with its naturally strong character and cultural message. The first thing you need to think about it whether you want to completely transform you room or simply add a subtle exotic touch to your Read more

Black lazulite wallpaper

Black is Black

Black is a naturally versatile and elegant colour, but despite being so popular in some fields such as fashion, black is sometimes still perceived as a risky option to go for when it comes to use it to decorate your rooms. There is the eternal statement that says that black make spaces look smaller, however, Read more

Abstract Sculptures

Abstract Sculptures for an Individual Look

At A Shade Wilder we like to source handmade and artisan product wherever possible to bring you style junkies some unique ideas and individual pieces to dot around your home. We understand you may want to invest in traditional crafts and originality and ASW has established a reputation for its original pieces and traditional manufacturing approaches. Read more

Pavonis Teal

The design process behind our luxurious wallpaper collection

The Head of Design here at A Shade Wilder has talked us through the design process behind this unique wallpaper collection and the upcoming trends in the interior decor landscape. What was the starting point to develop the A Shade Wilder wallcovering collection? The first thing to do when creating a project like A Shade Wilder wallcovering Read more

Cacti for interiors

Create your indoor garden

Now that colourful flowers and wonderful green bushes are starting to burst into bloom everywhere, here at A Shade Wilder we have decided to go ‘green fingered’ and do a bit of in-door gardening to bring a fresh springy breeze to our interiors! Some of you may be experts on the topic, however, many of Read more

Excersing balls

An inspiring interior to work out

It’s already February, and that means that 66% of Britons have already abandoned their new year’s resolutions… The most common choice among British is to lose weight and get fit, but we have to admit that it’s not easy when temperatures are around 5 degrees and its windy and rainy pretty much every day… But Read more

Pinecones trees

A Christmas DIY project

We all love a little bit of a welcoming and cosy environment at home all year round, but we love it even more around Christmas time… The number of different styles you can go for this Christmas is endless, and the good news is… there are lots of fantastic DIY ideas on the Internet to Read more


Bond’s showstopping houses

Everything from his gadgets, his cars, his suits and even the way he walks, exude elegance and style… We are of course talking about only one man; James Bond. But, alongside all of these factors, there needs to be equally exquisite locations, whereby all that are featured in the most famous British cinematographic saga are Read more


How do you think you would have decorated your home 30 years ago?

The world spins at lightning speed and as the world moves; our likes and preferences change with it. How do you think you would have decorated your home 30 years ago? After reviewing different sources such as decorative magazines and blogs, we have chosen what we think were the “must have” during the period of Read more


Choosing a colour scheme for your home décor…

Deciding what scheme will suit your walls best is not an easy choice to make. Nowadays, there are an infinitive number of colours, themes and patterns available when thinking about decorating. This, despite being great for the huge amounts of choice on offer, can also drive you a little crazy when it comes to making Read more

Flamingo home accessories

Bring a summer breeze into your home with our flamingo home accessories

There are a good number of reasons why using flamingos to complement your home décor is a wise choice to make this Spring/Summer. This likeable and exquisite animal is not just elegant and stylish but also irradiates an irresistible likeability – you just cant help but smile at them! So,it is without doubt that this Read more

How to avoid decorating mistakes

How to avoid the most common decorating mistakes…

So your fantastic A Shade Wilder wallpaper has arrived, and despite being very excited about your new decorating project you feel a bit concerned about hanging the wallpaper on your own due to the possible problems that could crop up? Don’t worry about it, here is the advice of our experts to avoid some of Read more


The glamour of the flock

Last Sunday night one of the most (if not the most!) glamorous events of the year took place in Hollywood: The Oscars 2015. From the recently awarded Lupita Nyong’o to the spectacular Meryl Streep, all the superstars walked on the red carpet in a sea of cameras and journalists from all over the world. With Read more

snow monkeys wall art

Breath-taking wall art

December is again around the corner and we can feel already how the colourful autumn will be over soon, a transformation from carpets of rich red and golden leaves into icy cold pavements, littered with the last few lonely leaves that have fallen. Despite not being loved by everyone, winter has something special and it Read more

Optical Art - Merilyn

Optical Art – by A Shade Wilder

Our aim here at A Shade Wilder is to offer unique and conversational home décor products that you could not find anywhere else… When creating these products we know that the design is very often what makes a piece of decoration unique and irresistible, however sometimes it the utilised technique what makes it special also… Our Read more

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