A Shade Wilder - An exclusive interiors collection, styled in the UK

A New Perspective

How do you see your home? Whether its a place of relaxation, a flurry of activity, an entertainment hub for friends and family or a new development project, your perspective will have a huge impact on how you evolve and create this most personal of spaces.

Incorporating art into your home design, whatever its identity, will add a new dimension and experience every time you and your loved ones come back to it. For example, our stunning selection of 3-Dimensional Wall Art cannot fail to start a conversation.  Drawing on the timeless monochrome trend, these striking pieces offer a unique viewing experience from every angle thanks to the printing technology that gives them their illusion of depth and varying perspectives. For wildlife lovers there is the visually arresting Zebra Psychedelia Wall Art and for those who adore the bright lights and everlasting nights, there is the cityscape of Urban Dimensions 3D cityscape wall art.

If you’re longing for the allure of glamour and elegance, then there is the iconic Marilyn Monroe, featured in The Vision, to put a stylish stamp on your interior space. Why not also add another viewing aspect to your décor with a Driftwood Mirror? This new addition to our stunning range offers a charming rustic quality and its minimal colourway will complement any room, whilst also adding the impression of extra space. Moreover, no interior is complete without the finishing touch of some comforting cushions, but why not choose a design with more flair such as the delightful Zebra Cushion in biscuit, which is sure to summon a smile every time you see it!