A Shade Wilder - An exclusive interiors collection, styled in the UK

What’s hot: Your body!

From Michelangelo’s marble masterpiece of David to Botticelli’s curvaceous creations, the human form has been celebrated in art since man first learned to put pen to paper.

Our own artistic interpretations of the human form are just that little bit wilder: our human forms don’t just indulge the eyes, but the imagination too.

So there’s the state of yearning  captured by The Stud and the Another Place – always reaching and looking, but for what? Or the vulnerability of our bodies when pitted against the might of nature, as captured in the darkly atmospheric Under the Prairie Sky and Nude and Cracked Earth. And in View from the Top, that feeling of invincibility when man triumphs over nature is captured.

And if you like your art that little more sensuous, you’ll love vampy vintage style prints such as A Subject for Wishful Thinking or the visceral sexuality of  Kris Hardy’s his-and-her prints Barely There, and Lost.


Whatever body you’ve got, be wild with it