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An exclusive interiors collection, styled in the UK


Welcome to what we would call the epitome of A Shade Wilder. Incorporating our signature pieces; the Torsos, along with a collection of wall art celebrating the human form, we are extremely excited about this figurative wall art collection.

Our torsos, made from a combination of polyresin and fibre glass, come in plain colourways, or with unique designs painted onto them by our featured artists such as Kris Hardy or Helen Ward.  We offer our gorgeous eye-catching pieces from celebrated artist 'Maxwell' for A Shade Wilder. For A Shade Wider, Maxwell has produced two truly stunning pieces. '1967' and 'Yellow' take us straight back to retro glamour and all of its beauty. These beautiful ladies will bring instant art gallery sophistication to your walls with a glossy lacquer coating. To tone down the colour and technique, and look more towards imagery the framed prints by Samantha Chrysanthous and Darwin Wiggett provide sophistication, but most definitely interest.