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An exclusive interiors collection, styled in the UK

Our Artists

Kris Hardy

Inspired and fascinated by art and automotive design, British born Kris Hardy has always had some form of ‘oil’ running through his veins.

Despite only being 35, the last ten years have seen Hardy commissioned to create high end, high quality works of art for both residential and commercial clients. With frequent exhibitions, bespoke commissions, plus a seven-year contract with one of the UK’s most highly regarded retailers under his belt, this looks to be just the start of Hardy’s flourishing career.

A decade since graduating from his MA at the Royal College of Art, Hardy’s ultimate love has always been painting. From the fast paced cityscapes and abstract landscapes, to figurative females and photorealistic portraits, it’s hard to find a piece of his work that isn’t captivating and compelling.

For A Shade Wilder, Hardy has turned his hand to painting on some exquisite torsos. These sensational sculptures are a work of art in their own right, however, Hardy tops off the quirky torsos which are made from polyresin and fiberglass, by painting them in different styles. His whimsical work oozes individuality and brilliance. His vibrant colours and patterns are hand painted onto each particular torso, make these sculptures an incomparable statement piece.



Maxwell is an artist with a ‘passion for fashion’, inspired by icons and muses of the catwalk and the silver screen. Glamour, celebrity and beauty ooze from his work, which is influenced by avid reading of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar throughout the decades. His talent is nourished by observing celebrated fashion designers such as Tom Ford, Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, and stars of Hollywood’s heyday such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly.

Maxwell draws great inspiration from the painters and artists that, like him, celebrate fashion in their work, ranging from Tissot, John Singer Sargent and Toulouse Lautrec to those more modern masters such as René Gruau, Bob Peak, Kenneth Paul Block and David Downton.

As a watercolour artist, Maxwell works traditionally and then embraces digital technology to enhance each piece.

These beautiful pieces for A Shade Wilder will channel the essence of Hollywood’s screen goddesses and a contemporary level of high glamour into your living or working space.


David Wright for A Shade Wilder

In London, in 1912, one of the world’s most celebrated pin-up artists, David Wright, was born. At the age of thirteen, Wright was forced to find a job following his father’s death, but in 1930, he joined his uncle’s studio working as a fashion illustrator for women’s magazines. In 1936 Wright married Esme Little, who became the muse and inspiration for his risqué representations of women throughout his noteworthy career.

At the start of World War II, Wright was commissioned to draw a series of glamourous pin-up girls, known as “Lovelies”. These titillating, full colour images for “The Sketch”, an illustrated newspaper supplement aimed at the aristocracy, were extremely popular. In later years, it became public knowledge that Wright’s series of saucy, scantily clad ladies – created in his uniquely British style – “adorned practically every military mess, bunker, dormitory or club room in the country”.

After producing more than 160 illustrations, for The Sketch, Wright went on to work for magazines such as Men Only, Playboy and Esquire. The Daily Mail was also used as a widespread platform for Wright’s work, from 1956. He started the “Carol Day” cartoon strip, which he continued to work on until his death in 1967.