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An exclusive interiors collection, styled in the UK

Peter Adams

From sensational Snow Monkeys to the jaw-dropping natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, Peter Adams’ stunning photography distils magical sights from around the world, ready for bringing a flash of the world’s natural beauty into your living space.

Creating images you can get lost in, Peter is adept at capturing a unique moment of animal magic or a perfectly lit landscape. Using his enviable instinct for what makes a good photo, he arrests never-to-be-repeated moments and preserves them for prosperity in images that can’t help but draw the eye.  

London-born, Peter’s work has taken him to more than 100 different countries and he has been widely recognised for his brilliance as a photographer.

He won the prestigious Travel Photographer of The Year title in 2003. In 2010 he won The London Photographic Association’s ‘Let’s Face It 6’ for a series of six portraits taken in Ethiopia. His film work has appeared on The National Geographic channel, in TV documentaries, advertising and Hollywood films such as ‘Contagion’.

His framed pictures have been chosen for you by A Shade Wilder because of the high-impact way they can inject a shot of the natural world’s grandeur into even the most urban of homes – perfect for those with a passion for celebrating different cultures and natural beauty.